Paradise at Las Cordilleras is a work in progress.


After the savage Soviet invasion of Czechoslovakia of 1968, a South American boy confronts countless puzzles, inequities, and contradictions of life behind the Iron Curtain. Educated in Prague at an international school in Schoenborn Palace, the youngest son of a Colombian diplomat will grow in the twilight between complex politics and ruthless perils of a callous Cold War. Seeking to make sense of the desperate world around him, this resolute runt sets-out on a series of adventures that will forever mark him.

Chronicles of a Resolute Runt  - Book 1

Crucible of Resilience - Book 2

Blessings Given - Book 3

Crucible of Resilience is scheduled for release in 2022.

The Outing - Book 4

An unrelenting barrage of urban violence subjugates a young entrepreneur and his growing company. The attempted assassination of a valued employee, the threats to his life by known hit-men, a lover’s betrayal, the perils brought upon by corrupt law enforcement, and a terrorist bombing, force his unexpected departure from Colombia.

The Outing is a work in progress.

American Odyssey - Book 5

Wanting to inspire and educate his students about life and personal commitment, Rafael Giraldo will spend the summers of 2009 and 2010 cycling alone for 149 days across 25 states of the American Union. He covers 6,730 miles, a good 10,768 kilometers of the North American Continent, from the Pacific to the Atlantic and from Maine to South Florida. Teeming with stunning photography this memoir entices the reader to vicariously experience the day-to-day adventures of this extraordinary odyssey.

A penniless foreigner ascends from obscurity to reinvent himself by deciphering the complex maze of life in America as a newcomer. Rafael Giraldo learns the unspoken rules of a ruthless rat-race. The rise, the challenges, and the paradox of a success that leads him to a terrifying reversal of fortune.

American Odyssey is a work in progress.

Finding America - A Tour of Discovery - Book 6

Paradise at Las Cordilleras - Book 7

Finding America a Tour of Discovery is a work in progress.

Returning bankrupt from the United States with only three suitcases and five boxes as sole possessions. The death of his father, the separation from his daughters, the breakup of his marriage, and the divorce that follows will test his resolute nature, yet again. The harsh twists and turns of the curving road of life will give this determined soul a concluding opportunity to reinvent himself. When all hope is lost, when time has run out, on the final leg of The Long Way Home, Rafael Giraldo will at last discover redemption and paradise at Las Cordilleras.